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Pediatric health topics

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What you need to know about seasonal and H1N1 flu
This fall a lot of parents are becoming concerned about seasonal and H1N1 influenza (the flu). Texas Children's Hospital can help you learn what you need to know about the flu.

Your Child's Health is an index of hundreds of pediatric health topics designed especially to inform and equip parents of children from newborns through adolescents.

Whether you need general pediatric health guidelines, or information about a specific diagnosis or treatment, Texas Children's can help. Instructions for using Your Child's Health information.

Asthma / colds / flu / allergies
Includes: Allergies, asthma, cough, congestion, hay fever, RSV, sinus

Babies / infants
Includes: Newborns, teething, breastfeeding, colic, diaper rash, feeding, crying, thrush, prematurity, international adoption

Includes: Psychology, sleep, ADHD, learning

Cancer / blood diseases
Includes: Oncology, hematology, sickle cell disease

Conditions and special care
Includes: Cystic fibrosis, liver, occupational & physical therapy, orthopedics, ostomy, pulmonary, renal, respiratory

Diabetes / endocrinology
Includes: Insulin, obesity

Ear / nose / throat
Includes: Ear tubes, ear ache, ear infection, runny nose, congestion, sinus

Emergency preparedness

Fitness / sports medicine
Includes: Weight, sports, heat illness

Food / nutrition
Includes: Feeding, snacks, recipes, weight

Head / brain / neurology
Includes: Headache

Includes: Cardiology

Includes: Vaccines, vaccination

Medicine / Herbs
Includes: Supplements, alternative medicine, drug dosages

Includes: Car seats, bicycle, choking

Includes: Sunburn, rash, cuts, scrapes, burns, hives, eczema, hand-foot-mouth

Stomach / Gastroenterology
Includes: Stomach ache, stool, vomit

Surgery / Operations
Includes: Tests & procedures, sutures, transplants, wound, blood