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For parents

Parents, Patient, and Doctor - Texas Children's Hospital

The Parent Resource Center offers parents and caregivers reliable pediatric health and parenting information from the specialists at Texas Children's.


Keep your child healthy during flu and cold season
Mom and Dad, get ready. Cold and flu season is here. But don't worry. Texas Children's has the information you need to determine whether your child needs a flu shot, how to protect your family from colds and flu and how to treat these viruses.

Your Child's Health contains a wealth of information to help parents keep their kids happy, healthy and safe. Popular topics include:
Bee or yellow jacket sting Caring for colds Finger/toe injuries
Bottlefeeding Common rashes Heat illness/dehydration


Fever Pain in the arm or leg



Subscribe to Texas Children's new eNewsletter

Our new monthly e-newsletter educates parents about pediatric health issues in the hopes of creating a community of healthier children. We encourage you to ask questions, leave comments and share articles. You can subscribe now.

Parent Advice Line
The Parent Advice Line is a free information line that provides medical advice 24 hours a day on a wide variety of topics, including childhood illness and injuries, general wellness and behavior problems

Send a patient greeting
Brighten the day of a Texas Children’s patient with a patient greeting. Create a personalized message that is delivered to the patient by one of our caring volunteers.

I Can Be Healthy: Texas Children's Hospital has joined with Weekly Reader and Kohl's to produce a curriculum for children to introduce them to healthy habits. Teachers and parents may download educational programs for children in grades K-3 that can empower them to plan healthy meals and engage in active lifestyles. Each program includes a classroom poster, reproducible activities and take-home materials.

Resource Guide for Parents of Children with Disabilities, Houston and Surrounding Areas
The Resource Guide is a “map” of the services and programs in the Houston area for families of children with disabilities. It includes sections on national, state and local resources, descriptions of the financial assistance programs under the various state agencies, therapy providers, respite, parent support, recreation, and church ministries. The author is a parent of a child with multiple disabilities which gives the Resource Guide the parent perspective of accessing resources. Resource Guide in English | Guía de Recursos en Español.

Other resources: