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Just for Kids

Real stories about real kids

Think of Texas Children's doctors as disease detectives who work on the mystery of why you're not feeling good.  We want healthy kids, big and small. So whether or not you come to the hospital, here are some games for home and some fun things you can do while you're here.

Games and quizzes

Find out about everything in your food, from what helps you build strong bones to fast food. These games and quizzes will build your food knowledge -- fast!

Fun things at the hospital

If you're going to stay at the hospital, learn how to tune into the kids-only station, Radio Lollipop. Sometimes Radio Lollipop even gets visits from famous people. Last year, Lil' Bow Wow, Tara Lipinski, and some Texans football players stopped by.

Other places you can visit while you're here include an outside playground, a computer and pool table room, the Fish and Boots garden, a chapel and several big, beautiful cows from the CowParade.

Where you can eat

  • Breakfast - 3rd floor, Clinical Care Center
  • Cafeteria- Basement, Abercrombie Building
  • ChickFilA - 3rd floor, Clinical Care Center
  • McDonald's - 1st floor, Abercrombie Building
  • Pizza - 3rd floor, Clinical Care Center
  • Snack bar - 16th floor, West Tower
  • Starbucks - 3rd floor, Clinical Care Center
  • Subway - 3rd floor, Clinical Care Center