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The Newborn Center - Texas Children's Hospital

Texas Children’s Newborn Center in Houston operates one of the country’s most experienced neonatal intensive care units. We offer the most comprehensive neonatal care available, and we consistently rank among the country’s best newborn centers by U.S.News & World Report – #1 in Texas and #5 in the nation.
Because of our depth of experience and the breadth of our services, the sickest newborn babies with the most complex cases come to Texas Children’s for specialized neonatal care. Best of all, research shows that babies in high-volume, family-centered facilities have better outcomes.

What makes Texas Children’s Newborn Center special?
Each baby in our care receives the benefits of:

  • Internationally respected neonatologists who are available 24/7
  • A compassionate team approach that includes families at every step
  • A nurturing environment with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Evidence-based treatments built upon the latest research
  • An academic medical center where the most advanced treatments are available
  • Highly trained, experienced neonatal nurses and other neonatal care specialists
  • Family services including an on-site Ronald McDonald House, rooming-in-rooms to help families transition home and breastfeeding support

Access to virtually every pediatric subspecialist a baby may need
Because the Newborn Center is part of Texas Children’s Hospital, families have access to physicians and surgeons in virtually every pediatric subspecialty, including cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, neurology, neurosurgery, infectious diseases, ophthalmology and more.

Any specialist your baby needs is always nearby
and ready to help – you don’t have to wait for a specialist to come from another hospital or worry about having your baby transferred to receive the highest level of care.

At Texas Children’s Newborn Center, we help babies and their families face the challenges of prematurity, illness and birth defects.