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Patient Care Centers, Programs and Services

Care Centers - Programs and Services

Texas Children’s Hospital offers a full spectrum of specialized pediatric health care that cannot be found in general-care hospitals. From the integration of teams to specially sized equipment and instruments, every aspect of care at Texas Children’s is designed for children. The concept of family centered care is at the heart of the hospital’s mission.

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Baylor College of Medicine faculty serve as specialists and subspecialists at Texas Children’s, offering the highest level of pediatric care in more than 40 subspecialties, programs and services, including:

Reaching beyond hospital walls to help children
Texas Children’s Hospital has developed an integrated network of health care services that reaches beyond its walls into neighborhoods throughout the greater Houston area to provide families with convenient access to nonemergency care from specialists trained to treat children and adolescents. These neighborhood services include:

  • Texas Children’s Pediatric Associates
    General practice Texas Children's pediatricians with offices in The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Katy, inside the Beltway, and all points in between.

  • Texas Children’s Health Centers
    Specialty services ranging from day surgery and asthma management to counseling and physical therapy. Staffed by specialists from Texas Children's Hospital